2017 Winners

Novel Winners

First Place – Julie Carrick Dalton The Poacher’s Code
Honorable Mention – Carol Owens Campbell September Fourteenth

Adult Short Story

First Place – T. K. Lee Awake
Second Place – Laura Herbst Towels
Third Place – Ryan Burrus Dispatches from the Golden Hotel
Honorable Mention – Matthew Fitch Urban Legend


First Place  – T. William Phillips Song of the Vagabond
Second Place – Sara Grace Newman French for Friend
Third Place – Peyton Toups Daisies on a Riverbank: A Window Seat
Honorable Mention – Christopher LeMay-West Twelve Steps to the New Israel of the Beats (dedicated to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jack, Allen and Bill)
Honorable Mention – Kaye Ruth Johnson Mississippi…It’s a Feeling
William Howard Brown – Kaye Ruth Johnson T-Rex is Alive and Well (and so is Mr. Faulkner)

One Act Play

First Place – Talia Green Boots
Second Place – Bill Mesce, Jr. Passing the Deal
Third Place – Myra Lee Diehl Rehearsal Report
Honorable Mention – Douglas Gearhart Squandered Blood for the Sake of Strangers
Honorable Mention – Lisa Bruna Cross-Check

Student Short Story

First Place – William Duley Red Deaths
Second Place – William Duley The Faces of a Soul
Third Place – Audrey Meltonr The Pressures of Being Perfect
Honorable Mention – Courtney Eaker Traveler