2022 Winners


2022 William Faulkner Literary Competition Winners



Winner    Memphis
Martin Hegwood
Pascagoula, MS

Honorable Mention    In the Name of Mississippi
Ellen Morris Prewitt
New Orleans, LA

Adult Short Story:

1st “Ivory-billed”
Kenneth Paul Gournic
Pittsburg, PA

2nd    “Lone Prairie”
Jessica Staricka
Minneapolis, MN

3rd     “The Apple Chapel”
George Kehoe
Oxford, MS

Honorable Mention     “Kuleshov Effect”
Chang Joon An
Baton Rouge, LA

Honorable Mention     “The Bear”
Doug Gray
Fayetteville, TN

Honorable Mention     “Deconstructing Gus”
George Drew
Postenkill, NY

One Act Play:

1st    “What the Water Gave Me”
Emily McClain
Oxford, MS

2nd    “Restoring Romeo”
Rex McGregor
Auckland, New Zealand

3rd    “Buckets of Rain”
Douglas Gearhart
Dunedin, FL

Honorable Mention    “Happy Wright”
Straton Rushing
Phoenix, AZ


1st    “Kremlin Warfare Olympics”
M. D. Veritas (Manfred Pollard)
New Orleans, LA

2nd    “To the Writer’s Descendant”
Sharlee Shumpert
Mooreville, MS

3rd    “First Face of the Resurrection”
Dr. Constantina Clark
Palatka, Florida

Honorable Mention    “Without Commentary”
Dr. Constantina Clark
Palatka, Florida

Student Short Story:

1st    “The Graveyard”
Gabe Rackstraw
Bluesprings, MS

2nd    “Forsaken by the Rain”
Locklyn Wilchynski
McComb, MS

3rd    “Let Go Leto”
Joseph Hanna
Yazoo City, M