2019 Winners

Novel Winners

Winner – Aimee Parkison, Where, Lacey?
Honorable Mention – Kathy Holladay, Teaching in the Trenches

Adult Short Story

1st Place – Kate Osana Simonian, The Problematic Douchebag Collective
2nd Place – Manuel Igrejas, Madam Cluzet
3rd Place – Edward Derbes, Feliz Rapto

One Act Play:

1st Place – Judy Klass, Untethered
2nd Place – Joe Carlisle, Storm of the Century
3rd Place – Jennifer Bennett, The Guardianship
Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Surdo, The Attic


1st Place – Gail Waldstein, MD, Aurora Borealis
2nd Place –
Angela Quinn, Impressions of the Artist
3rd Place –
Nicholas Alexander Drake, Thursday

Student Short Story

1st Place – Gracie Morris, Windows and Mirrors
2nd Place –
Peyton Rodgers, Carried Away
3rd Place –
Laura Brevard, Wacky Kids